Goddess Codes
The Goddess Codes is a healing system of light codes that was transmitted by Mary Magdalene. 

She was a very advanced master that worked equally with Jeshua to anchor the Christ Consciousnes energies in the planet, activating the process of ascension to a higher dimension. 

Her calling for us is to make us remember that we are here to access our own mastery.

The Goddess Codes act as a bridge to help us connect with the Divine Feminine and to receive her healing energy and make it more present in our lives and the world. 

Their main purpose is to help humanity to heal the wounds of the masculine and the feminine. and to reconnect with our own twin flame, the one that resides in our own heart, helping us to restore the balance of our masculine and feminine energies within us because when that inner balance is  restored acts as a gateway to access higher frequencies and it plays a vital role in the process to embodying 5th Dimensional energies.

This sistem of Codes has been channeled by Quantum Holoforms.