The Goddess Codes is a healing system transmitted by Master Mary Magdalene (Myriam) that uses Light Codes to help humanity to open up to the healing energy of the Divine Feminine -the Goddess- and to heal the wounds of the Feminine and the Masculine, restoring the balance within ourselves and reconnecting us to the Earth, so we can bring the harmony not only to us but also to the world around us.

Light Codes are living energies that are activated within our Body of Light to weave the bridge between our Consciousness and the Higher Dimensions. They help us to remember Our Cosmic Origin and to transform and release limiting conditioning and beliefs, as well as emotional wounds and traumas through the release of the Frequency of Light and information that they provide.

Just as plant seeds carry encoded information, a set of instructions divinely designed and imprinted, light codes carry their own living language that informs us of the nature and purpose of our higher self. They are the seeds of our divine genetic potential and contain the Blueprint of all Creation.