The Womb is one of our most sacred parts, and it is really a doorway to reconnect with our feminine nature. All the experiences that we live as humans get stored in our bodies and our wombs store most of the experiences that has shaped us as women. The ones that we have lived and the ones that have been transferred to us by our ancestral lineage.

The Womb is also our main centre of creation and when we lose the connection with our wombs we also lose the ability to create in a way that is fully aligned with who we are.

Womb healing is for women:

Who would like to heal anything that is connected to their feminine nature.

Who are not very connected to their femininity and they would like to re-establish that connection. 

Who are going through a challenging time or a transition time and need to receive healing and nourishment.

Who has got a physical womb or not.

The benefits of receiving a Womb Healing are many, here are just some of them: 

Helping women to heal aspects connected with the feminine nature

Helping  women to reconnect with their womb and their womb wisdom

Opening up women to their creativity

Helping women to bring change into their lifes. 

Nourishing and replenishing women's body and energy levels.

Clearing old patterns and blocks stored in the female energy centres

Helping and supporting women around all their feminine transitions, like motherhood, pre-menopause, menopause,  and also through traumatic experiences, like divorce.

Helping women to balance and heal issues around their period or reproductive system

Helping women to receive love and healing and to practice self-love

Helping women to heal trauma or experiences of abused connected with their feminine nature. 

The sessions can be online and in person