The session will be guided by what you would like to share and that will be the golden thread that we will follow to go to the core of the matters and to start to untangle thoughts, emotions, feelings, releasing anything that is not serving you anymore and acknowledging the teachings that are coming to you so you can fully integrate them and move on to the next stage.

At the end of the session, you will have gained the clarity and understanding that you needed to be able to come back to your centre so you can continue your journey being in alignment with what is your truth right now.

The sessions are very organic and we will follow the energies that will show up at the moment so each session may be very different from each other but these are some of the gifts that you may receive during the session;

Information about an Ascended Master that is showing up for you

A Prayer or Invocation for you to work with,

A Light code to help you activate new energies or release the old ones

Practical steps for you to introduce into your life

THIS CAN HELP YOU if you are ...

feeling stuck

lacking clarity

wanting to have more understanding of your current life process

unable to break unhealthy patterns

feeling something is missing

feeling curious about you and your life path

WHAT YOU CAN GET from this

restoring the trust in you

reconnecting with your own power

learning to flow more with life

feeling more empowered

bringing more compassion to yourself

open up to the sacredness of LIFE