My healing work is about bringing more authenticity in our lives and making stronger our inner connection and our understanding of who we really are, so we can step up in our own power to live the life that we want and in alignment with our life purpose.

I have been exploring and learning many healing modalities and spiritual practices over the last 25 years, some of them are Reiki, Metamorphic Massage, Meditation, 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Angel Therapy, Sacred Geometry Healing, Shamanic Healing, Feminine Energy Healing, Priestess Path and Initiation and Light Codes Healing. The knowledge that I have acquired through all these practices and the many teachers I have encountered have been exceptional but I believe that what has really given me the depth and the real understanding about how we can heal and how we can become a better version of ourselves has came from my own personal healing journey and the continuous searching to learn how we can keep expanding our consciousness. Life gives you enough material to master yourself everyday if you have the awareness and the commitment to do it.

I live in England, very near of the sacred land of Avalon, this magical place called me many years ago. The teachings that I receive from Avalon keeps unfolding and guiding my journey. I believe that we have left behind the times of following others and we are here to find the master that is within us and my work is about that, about helping others to reconnect with their own power and wisdom, so they can step up and together we can all co-create a new reality.